Tuesday, February 14, 2017

樱花牛油曲奇 Sakura Butter Cookies


材料 :
牛油  150克
细砂糖  100克
蛋黄  2个
香草精  1/2茶匙
低筋面粉  280克
奶粉  20克
发粉  1/2茶匙
盐渍樱花  适量 (将盐冲洗掉,浸泡在清水里,沥干备用。)


做法 :
1. 牛油加糖打至变白,加入蛋黄和香草精搅拌均匀。
2. 筛入粉类 拌成团,擀成长方形。
3. 盖上保鲜膜,冷藏至硬(约30分钟)。
4. 取出,用模型印出形状,放上樱花。
5. 放进预热烤箱,170度烤15-20分钟或金黄色即可。
Sakura Butter Cookies
Ingredients : 
150g butter
100g castor sugar
2 egg yolks
1/2tsp vanilla extract
280g plain flour/cake flour
20g milk powder
1/2tsp baking powder
sakura(Rinse off the salt,soak the pickled sakura with clean water,drain and discard the water.)
Method :
1. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add in egg yolks and vanilla,mix well.
3. Sift in flour and mix well to form a dough,wrap with plastic wrap and keep in the freeze for 30mins.
4. Flatten the dough,cut out using a cookie cutter,place the pickled sakura on it.
5. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees C for 15 - 20 minutes until light golden brown.



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