Tuesday, May 22, 2018

甜菜根毛巾卷 Beetroot Towel Cake Roll



材料 :(可做10片)

低筋面粉  120
鸡蛋  2个

甜菜根汁  120
牛奶  200
细砂糖  40

盐  1克
牛油  25克 (隔水溶化)

馅料 :鲜奶油  200克 (打发),烤香杏仁碎 适量

做法 :

1. 把所有放入一个大碗里搅拌均匀后过滤,休面30分钟。
2. 加热平底不粘锅,倒入适量面糊,并迅速将锅转一圈至面糊均匀地沾满锅底
3. 刀把煎熟的饼皮划离锅, 重复做法至完。
4. 将5片饼皮,一张叠一张,打横排列
5. 抹上奶油,撒上杏仁碎,把上下边往内折,然后卷起放入冰箱冷藏一小时。

Beetroot Towel Cake Roll

Ingredients :(makes 10 piece)

120g cake flour
2 eggs

120g beetroot Juice
200g milk
40g castor sugar

1g salt
25g melted butter 

Filling :200g fresh whipping creamsome chopped almondroasted

Method :

1. Combine all ingredient into a large mixing bowl and mix until the batter is smooth. Strain through a sieve. Rest for 30 minutes. 
2. Heat a non-stick frying pan,use a ladle to scoop the crepes batter into the pan while swirling the pan to evenly spread the cake batter. 
4. Use a spatula to ease away the layer from the pan. Repeat the process until the batter is all used up.
5. Place 5 piece crepe layer. Spread evenly a layer of whipped creamplace some chopped almondRoll it up and chill in the fridge 1 hour.