Wednesday, May 23, 2018

白萝卜吊片排骨汤 White Radish with Dried Squid Soup


材料 :

白萝卜  1条 (去皮,切块)
吊片 (干鱿鱼)  1只
排骨  300克
红枣  8粒
香菇  6朵 (泡软,切半) 
清水  1.5公升 或 适量 

调味料 : 

做法 :

1. 排骨洗净, 用沸水川烫过,捞起洗净。
2. 把所有材料放入汤锅里,大火煮滚后,转小火煮约2小时

3. 最后加盐调味即可

White Radish with Dried Squid Soup

Ingredients :

1 white radish,sliced
1 dried squid
300g pork ribs
8 red dates
6 dried mushroom (soaked in water to softencut half) 
1.5 liters water 

Seasoning : salt

Method :

1. Wash pork ribs,blanch in boiling water. Remove and drain. 
2. Put all ingredients into soup pot. Bring to a boil in high heat,then lower the heat and continue to cook for 2 hour. 

3. Season with salt to taste.