Tuesday, June 13, 2017

香橙轻乳酪蛋糕 Orange Light Cheesecake


材料 7寸脱底圆模

奶油芝士  100
鲜橙汁  50
牛油  30

蛋黄  3
橙皮屑  1
低粉  15
玉米粉  10
蛋白  3
细砂糖  50


鲜奶油  150 (打发)
鲜橙汁  2大匙
橙皮屑  1


1. 材料(A)隔水煮溶,搅拌至无颗粒状。
2. 加入蛋黃和橙皮屑拌勻,筛入低粉及玉米粉,拌均勻。
3. 蛋白打至起泡,分次加入细砂糖,打至湿性发泡。
4. 将蛋白霜分次加入芝士蛋黄糊内拌均匀,倒入烤模里。
5. 放入预热烤箱160度,水浴法烘烤60分钟。
6. 取出蛋糕,放在铁架上待凉后涂上香橙奶油。

Orange Light Cheesecake

Ingredients : 7-inch removable bottom round mould

100g cream cheese
50g fresh orange juice
30g butter

3 egg yolks
1 orange zest
15g cake flour
10g corn flour

3 egg whites
50g caster sugar

Orange cream layer 

150g whipped cream
2tbsp fresh orange juice
1 orange zest

Method :

1. Dissolve the ingredients(A) in a double boiler bowl until a smooth and creamy mixture.
2. Add in the egg yolks and orange zest, sieve in flour, mix well.
3. Whisk egg white until frothy and gradually add in sugar. Whisk until stiff peak.
4. Gently fold 1/2 whites into cheese mixture, mix well, fold in the remaining whites and mix well.
5. Pour the batter into round mould, bake in preheated oven at 160C with water bath method for  60 minutes.
6. Once cook, remove from oven and cool on wire rack.

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