Monday, May 29, 2017

娘惹粽子 Nyonya Rice Dumplings


材料 : 30粒

糯米  1公斤

兰花  30朵(加入热水浸泡出蓝色素)
油  2大匙
盐  1茶匙


馅料 :

五花肉  600克(切丁)

香菇  8朵(泡发,切丁)
冬瓜糖  150克(切丁)
小葱头  160克(剁碎
蒜头  8瓣(剁碎

调味料 :

豆酱  5大匙(切碎)

芫茜粉  3大匙
胡椒粉  1大匙
黑酱油  2茶匙
清水  适量

班兰叶  适量,剪成1寸 

做法 :

1. 干粽叶泡水3-4小时软化 ( 中间换2次水 ),用刷子两面刷洗干净,剪掉叶梗。
2. 糯米洗净,用清水浸泡4小时沥干
3. 糯米沥干水份,加入油和盐,搅拌均匀,待用。
4. 烧热油,爆香葱头碎和蒜蓉加入豆酱炒香。加入香菇和花肉拌炒加入冬瓜糖,炒匀后加入适量的清水,加盖焖煮10分钟。
5. 加入芫茜粉,胡椒粉和黑酱油,炒均匀,试味。盛起,待凉
6. 取1/3的糯米加入兰花液,拌匀。浸泡15分钟,倒掉多余的水份。
7.  粽叶折成斗形,舀入蓝糯米再加入白糯米,舀入一大匙馅料,再盖上白糯米,放上一片班兰叶。盖上粽叶,包成棕形绑上草绳。
8. 煮滚一大锅水,把裹好的粽子下锅,水要盖过粽子,煮3小时,至糯米熟软即可取出,吊起沥干水份。 

Nyonya Rice Dumplings

Ingredients : makes 30 pieces

1 kg glutinous rice

30 buds blue pea flowers(soaked in hot water)
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt

bamboo leaves and some hemps

Filling :

600g porkcut into cubes

8 dried mushroomssaok and cubes
150g candied meloncubes
160g shallots,chopped
8 cloves garlic,chopped

Seasoning :

5 tbsp bean paste,chopped

3 tbsp coriander powder
1 tbsp pepper
2 tsp dark soy sauce

some pandan leavescut into 1 inch

Method :

1. Bamboo leavessoaked for 3-4 hourswashed and change water in between for two time. 
2. Wash glutinous rice and add watersoaked for 4 hours.
3. Drain the glutinous riceadd in oil and saltmix well and set aside.
4. Heat up oilsaute shallot and garlic until fragrantadd bean paste and stir-fry. Add in pork and mushroom cubes stir-fry. Add in candied melonstir well. Pour in water and cover with lidsimmered for 10 minutes.
5. Add in coriander powderpepper and dark soy saucestir well and taste. Dish up and leave to cool.
6. Mix blue pea flower water with 1/3 of glutinous rice and let it stand for 15 minutesdiscard the excess water.
7. Take a bamboo leaffold into an inverted coneadd in blue glutinous rice and some white glutinous rice. Add in 1 tbsp fillingtop with white glutinous rice to cover the fillingplace 1 piece of pandan leave and then wrap accordingly. 
8. Using a large potpour in water and bring it to boil. Once water is boiledplace in all the wrap dumplings and let it cook for at least 3 hours. Remove from water and hang it uplet it air dry and cool down.