Tuesday, May 23, 2017

果冻粽子 Jelly Dumplings


材料 :

果冻粉  10克
细砂糖  180克 - 200克
清水  950毫升

罗勒籽 (biji selasih)  少许 (浸发)

火龙果奇异果芒果 (切丁)

做法 :

1. 果冻粉和细砂糖混合均匀。
2. 将水倒入锅里,加入做法(1)煮滚
3. 搅拌至果冻粉和糖完全溶解,熄火。
4. 粽叶折成斗形,放入水果舀入果冻水
5. 待凝固后才包成棕形

Jelly Dumplings

Ingredients :

10g jelly powder
180g - 200g caster sugar
950ml water

biji selasih,soak in water

red dragon fruitkiwimango (diced)

Method :

1. Mix jelly powder with caster sugar together.
2. Pour water in a potstir in (1) and bring to a boil.
3. Stir until the mixture has fully dissolved.
4. Bamboo leaf fold into an inverted cone,add in fruits and pour the jelly liquid into bamboo leaf.
5. Let it cooled completely then wrap accordingly. 

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