Wednesday, August 8, 2018

菇菇披萨 Homemade Pizza


面团材料 :

高筋粉  250克
牛奶  150克
即溶酵母  3克
糖  15克
盐  2克
牛油  20克

涂面 :番茄酱

馅料 :红色甜椒青色甜椒黄色甜椒,褐蘑菇,白玉菇,灵兰菇,黄梨香肠马苏里拉奶酪(mozzarella cheese)

做法 :

1. 所有材料混合搅拌,加入牛油继续搅拌至光滑面团。
2. 进行初步发酵60分钟或至双倍大。平均分成2份,滚圆
3. 擀开成圆形,铺在烤盘上
4. 涂上番茄酱,加入自己喜爱的馅料
5. 放进预热烤箱,180度烤15-20分钟。

Homemade Pizza

For the pizza dough :

250g bread flour
150g milk
3g instant yeast 
15g caster sugar
2g salt
20g butter

For toppings : yellow,green,red bell pepperswiss brown mushroomshimeji mushroombuna shimeji mushroompineapple,sausagemozzarella cheese

Method :

1. Mix all the ingredientadd butter continue to knead until smooth dough.
2. Proof the dough until it double in size. Divide dough into 2 portions.
3. Roll dough into a round shape,place onto the baking pan.
4. Spread tomato sauce over the dough,add toppings.
5. Bake in a preheated oven of 180 degrees C for 15-20 mins.

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