Thursday, December 8, 2016

印尼千层蛋糕 Kuih Lapis Lengit


牛油  350克
细纱糖  80克
炼奶  5大匙
蛋黄  16个
细纱糖  100克
蛋白  7个
塔塔粉  1/4小匙
低筋面粉/香港面粉  180克
发粉  1茶匙
千层蛋糕香料  ¼茶匙

1. 牛油+糖+炼奶打至呈奶白色。
2. 分次加入蛋黄,拌打至均匀。
3. 在另一干净盆中把蛋白,糖和塔塔粉以高速拌打至发或硬性发泡,大约5-7分钟。
4. 把粉料过筛,拌入做法(2)。
5. 再把做法(4)拌入打发的蛋白霜内,拌均。
6. 预热烤箱,7寸方盘底部刷上牛油,铺上两层蛋糕纸,放75g的面糊,上火190度,烤大约7分钟。
7. 取出,用压板轻轻压蛋糕的表面,刷上一层融化牛油,再倒入面糊,以同样做法直完。
8. 在最后一层转180C上火烘5分钟然后上下火烤10分钟至金黄色。出炉后待凉,切片。

Kuih Lapis Lengit

Ingredients :

350g butter
80g fine sugar
5tbsp condensed milk
16 egg yolks
100g fine sugar
7 egg whites
1/4tsp tartar powder
180g cake flour/hong kong flour
1tsp baking powder
¼tsp Bumbu Kue Lapis (Spekkoek)

Method :
1. Cream butter, condensed milk, sugar until creamy, light and fluffy.
2. Add in egg yolk one at a time, beating until well blended.
3. In a clean mixing bowl, beat egg whites, tartar and fine sugar until light and stiff peak (about 5-7mins).
4. Sieve flour and baking powder and fold into (2) butter mixture. Fold in gently till combined.
5. Fold the (4) into the meringue,mix well.
6. Grease and line (2 layers baking paper) with a 7" cake tin and spread in 75g original batter evenly. Using grill function190C, bake the first layer until light brown (around 7mins). 
7. Press lightly with cake press to break any air bubbles to get an even layer and brush with a little melted butter. Repeat the same way until finish using all the batter.
8. Grill the last layer for 5 mins then using top and bottom heat and bake the cake at 180C for further 10 minutes. 
(Recipe adapted from Helena's Kitchen)