Tuesday, April 18, 2017

巧克力葡萄干面包 Chocolate Raisin Bread


材料 :

高筋面粉  280克
可可粉  20克
细砂糖  30克
盐  1/4茶匙
速发酵母  5克
牛奶  200克
奶油  30克
葡萄干  50克

做法 :

1. 所有材料混合(外),搅拌至光滑状
2. 加入奶油继续搅拌,搅拌至扩展阶段
3. 最后加入葡萄干搅拌,进行初步发酵至双倍大。
4. 面团排气后,分割成12份小面团,滚圆排放在抹油的烤盘上
5. 进行第二次发酵大约45分钟或双倍大。
6. 放入预热170°C烤箱烤20-25分钟。
7. 出炉后,趁热抹上一层牛油脱模放在架子上待凉。 

Chocolate Raisin Bread

Ingredients :

280g bread flour
20g cocoa powder
30g caster sugar
1/4 tsp salt
5g instant yeast 
200g milk
30g butter
50g raisins

Method :

1. Mix all the ingredient (except butter) until smooth dough.
2. Add butter continue to knead until smooth and elastic dough.
3. Add in raisins and combine well,proof the dough until it double in size. 
4. Press down the dough to release the trapped air. Divide dough into 12 portions.
5. Shape it and place in the loaf tin and final proofing for about 45mins.
6. Bake in a preheated oven of 170 degrees C for 20-25 mins.
7. Remove from oven and glaze the top of bread with butter. Unmould and cool it completely on a wire rack before slicing.