Saturday, December 12, 2015

圣诞花环优格软面包 (一次发酵法)Christmas Wreath Yogurt Soft Bread (Just Once Fermentation)


圣诞花环优格软面包 (一次发酵法) 

材料 : 做2个花环

高筋面粉  300g 
砂糖  45g
盐  3g
即溶酵母  3g
鸡蛋  50g
原味优格  100g
全脂牛奶  60g
无盐牛油  30g


做法 :

1. 将全部材料(牛油除外)搅拌成团。
2. 加入牛油,搅拌至光滑有薄膜。
3. 直接分割成6等份,休面10分钟。
4. 擀成长橢圆形,卷起,双手在中间慢慢往外搓长。
5. 将3条面条结成辫子,把辫子头尾连接成圆环状,进行发酵至2倍大。
6. 涂上蛋液,放入预热160°C的烤箱, 烤25-30分钟。  

Christmas Wreath Yogurt Soft Bread (Just Once Fermentation)
Ingredients : makes 2 wreaths
300g High Protein flour/Bread Flour
45g sugar
3g salt
3g Instant yeast
50g Egg or 1 large egg 
100g Plain yogurt
60g Full cream Milk/Fresh Milk
30g Unsalted Butter

Method :

1. Mix all the ingredient (except butter) until smooth dough.
2. Add butter continue to knead until smooth and elastic dough.
Divide dough into 6 portions, then allow to rest for another 10 minutes. 
Flatten the dough into a rectangle shape and roll it up.

5. Using both hands, slowly roll the dough into long rope shape and braid the 3 ropes, pinch the 2 ends together and shape into wreath shape.
6. Proof till the dough in double size.
Brush egg wash.

7. Bake in a preheated oven at 160°C for 25-30minutes.

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