Saturday, March 5, 2016

奇異果隔夜燕麦 Overnight Oats with Kiwi




燕麦片  6tbsp (45g)
牛奶  1/2杯
优格/酸奶  1/2杯
奇异籽  1tbsp
奇異果  1-2个(切片) 

烤香核桃,杏仁片,瓜子 (各适量)


1. 用一个干净(烧水烫过并擦干)的玻璃瓶,放入燕麦片,奇异籽和优格。
2. 之后慢慢加入牛奶直到近3/4满,用干净的勺子轻轻搅拌把瓶底下的燕麦片和牛奶拌均。
3. 最后加入准备好的水果,再搅拌两三次,盖上盖子然后放进冰箱冷藏一夜。
4. 隔天当你要享用时就以随意添加一些喜爱的果仁和蜂蜜调味,搅拌后就能享受一份健康又有营养的早餐了。 

Overnight Oats with Kiwi


6tbsp (45g) rolled oats
1/2cup fresh milk
1/2cup plain or greek yoghurt
1tbsp chia seeds
1-2 kiwifruit (sliced) 

some roasted walnut,almond flakes and sunflower seeds


1. Using a clean sterilized glass jar, add rolled oats, chia seeds and yoghurt.
2. Pour in milk till almost 3/4 full, stir the mixture with a clean spoon to loosen the oats at the bottom of the jar.
3. Lastly add in your preferred fruits (remember to rinse with water and pat dry with kitchen paper towel) and give a few stirs.
4. Cover the jar and leave the mixture overnight in the fridge.
5. In the morning, before having your oats you can top it with extra sliced
kiwi and some roasted almond plus drizzle of honey (optional) to sweeten the taste.

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