Thursday, July 20, 2017

椰丝蓝花糯米饭 Pulut Inti




糯米  600克(洗净,浸4小时,沥干)
浓椰浆  150
清水  200 
班兰叶  数片(打结)
兰花  30 (加入3大匙热水浸泡出蓝色素)

香蕉叶 (洗净用热水烫软,擦干)


新鲜嫩椰丝  400
椰糖  180 
清水  100
班兰叶  数片(打结)
玉米粉  2茶匙 + 少许清水搅拌均匀


1. 将椰糖,清水,盐和班兰叶放入锅里煮溶。
2. 加入椰丝翻炒均匀至干,加入玉米粉水再炒均匀即可。
3. 糯米加入椰浆,清水和盐拌匀,倒入蒸盘,放入班兰叶,大火蒸45分钟至熟。
4. 取出1/3的糯米饭加入蓝色素拌匀,再把其余的白糯米饭加入随意拌匀成蓝白糯米饭。
5. 将糯米饭舀放在一片香蕉叶上,再舀适量的椰丝放在糯米饭上然后裹好即可。

Pulut Inti

Ingredients for glutinous rice

600g glutinous rice
washed and soaked for 4 hours and drained
150g thick coconut milk
200g water
2tsp salt
pandan leaves
30 buds fresh butterfly pea flowers
soaked in 3tbsp hot water

banana leave
scalded in boiling water to softenwiped dry

Coconut filling 

400g grated coconut
180g palm sugar 
100g water
1/2tsp salt
pandan leaves knotted
2tsp corn starch mix with some water


1. Place palm sugar
watersalt and pandan leaves in a potbring to boil until palm sugar melted.
2. Add in grated coconut stir fry until slightly dryadd in corn starch mixture and stir until well mixed.
3. Mix glutinous rice with coconut milkwater and saltadd pandan leaves and steam for 45 minutes or until cooked. 
4. Take 1/3 portion of glutinous rice to mix with blue coloringthen combine with the remaining of the white glutinous rice, mix to form glutinous rice with blue and white colour.
5. Place some cooked glutinous rice over the banana leaf
add filling at the top of ricewrap it up and serve.

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