Thursday, February 4, 2016

蓝莓酥 Blueberry Tarts


材料 : 

牛油  180g
糖粉  30g
面粉  150g
粟米粉  100g
奶粉  50g

内馅 : 蓝莓馅 (每份10g)

做法 :
1. 牛油加糖粉搅拌均匀,加入过筛的粉类拌成团。
2. 将面团分成每份15g,包入蓝莓馅(10g),搓圆。
3. 放入模型里印出形状,排放在铺了烤纸的烤盘上。
4. 表层扫上蛋黄液,预热烤箱160度,烘烤20分钟或至表面金黄色。

Blueberry Tarts


180g butter
30g icing sugar
150g plain flour / all purpose flour 
100g corn flour
50g milk powder

Blueberry filling (10g each) 

Method :

1. Mixed butter and icing sugar till combine,fold in the sifted flour mix till become a soft dough.
2. Roll dough into ball 10g each,wrap in the blueberry filling.
3. Place dough inside the mould,flatten dough to conform to shape of mould. 
4. Remove blueberry tarts from the mould and arrange on the baking tray line with baking sheet.  
5. Brush with egg yolk,bake in preheated oven at 160C for 20mins or till golden brown.

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