Tuesday, April 26, 2016

芝麻沙拉酱 Sesame Salad Dressing



白芝麻粒  30克 - 50克 (预先炒香或烤香)
红萝卜  1/2个 或 1个 (切块)
洋葱  1/2个 (切块) 
蒜  1辩
细砂糖 或 黄砂糖  50克
太阳花油  200克
糙米醋  200克
盐  少许
做法: 将所有材料放入食物搅拌机搅拌即可。
1. 不同的油或醋的使用将会影响成果的味道。避免用味道过浓的橄榄油(extra virgin oil)。
2. 将做好的沙拉酱,密封干净的罐子,收进冰箱可耐1星期之久。 
Sesame Salad Dressing 
Ingredients : 
30g-50g white sesame seeds,stir-fried until fragrant 
½ or 1 carrot,chopped 
½ a onion,chopped 
1 clove garlic
50g caster sugar 
200g sunflower oil 
200g brown rice vinegar 
pinch of salt
Method : Blend all the ingredients in a stick blender,and you're done. 
Notes : 
1. The types of oil and vinegar used may change the taste of the dressing a little. Avoid extra virgin oil because its grassy smell may spoil the taste of the salad dressing. 
2. Salad dressing can be kept in a clean bottle/container for weeks in the fridge.

Recipe adapted from Aunty YoungButter . Flour & Me

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