Thursday, July 28, 2016

娘惹豆酱马铃薯焖鸡 Ayam Pongteh



材料 :

鸡全腿  2个(切块)
香菇  6朵(泡软,切半)
马铃薯  2粒(切块)

清水 适量

小葱头  16粒(捣碎)
蒜头  5(捣碎)

调味料 : 

豆瓣酱  2汤匙
椰糖  1汤匙
黑酱油  少许
盐  适量

1. 热油锅,爆香小葱头和蒜头。
2. 加入豆瓣酱炒香,加入鸡肉、香菇和马铃薯拌炒。
3. 倒入清水(盖过材料),煮滚后盖上锅盖,小火焖煮
4. 下调味料,继续焖煮至至鸡肉和马铃薯熟透,酱汁浓稠即可。

Ayam Pongteh

Ingredients :
2 whole chicken legs (cut into pieces)
6 shitake mushrooms (soaked,cut into half)
2 potatoes (cut into pieces)
16 shallots (pounded)
5 garlic (pounded)
2tbsp fermented bean paste
1tbsp palm sugar
Dark soy sauce
salt to taste
1. Heat oil,saute shallots and garlic until aromatic.
2. Add fermented bean paste and saute till fragrant. Add chicken,potatoes,mushrooms and stir fry.
3. Add water (cover the ingredients). Bring to boil,cover with lid and turn to low heat.
4. Add seasonings and simmer till chicken and potatoes becomes tender and
the sauce thickens,served.

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