Sunday, December 14, 2014

水果蛋遮里 Egg Jelly Fruit Cocktail


食谱 : Oriental Cuisine


什锦水果  1罐 ( 约825g )
什锦水果液  1300ml
盐  1/8tsp
香草香精  1/2tsp
燕菜粉  2tbsp
白糖  50g 或 适量
淡奶  50ml
鸡蛋  2粒 ( 打散 )


1.  把罐头什锦水果内的液体倒在量器内,加水至1300ml。 
2.  把液体倒入锅内以中火煮开,加入燕菜粉,搅拌均匀,然后加入白糖和盐,煮至滚。 
3.  转小火,倒入什锦水果。在另外一个碗里,把鸡蛋和淡奶混合。
4.  等遮里液体再次滚开时,倒入蛋液体,以打蛋器搅拌,以免蛋黏成块。
5.  再煮滚后熄火,倒入模型容器内,待冷却后放入冰箱凝固。       

Egg Jelly Fruit Cocktail


1 tin mixed fruit cocktail (approximately 825g)
1300ml syrup from fruit cocktail (add water)
1/8tsp salt
1/2tsp vanilla essence
2tbsp agar-agar powder
50g sugar
50ml evaporated milk
2 eggs (beaten lightly)


1.  Pour syrup from the fruit cocktail into a measuring cup & add in water to make a total of 1300ml liquid.
2.  Pour liquid into a cooking pot over medium heat. Add agar-agar powder and stir to mix. Add in sugar, salt and bring to a boil.
3.  Lower heat mix in fruit cocktail. In a small bowl, combine evaporated milk & eggs together.
4.  Once jelly mixture comes to a boil, pour egg mixture & stir continuously with whisk to prevent eggs from lumping together.
5.  Turn off heat once mixture boils again. Pour into moulds & leave to set before refrigerating.

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