Wednesday, June 8, 2016

红豆碱水粽 Red Bean Alkaline Dumplings


材料: 可做30-35个

糯米  1公斤
碱水   4汤匙 
油  4汤匙 
红豆沙  适量
做法 :
1. 干粽叶泡水3-4小时软化 ( 中间换2次水 ),用刷子两面刷洗干净,剪掉叶梗。
2. 糯米洗净,用清水浸泡4小时沥干
3. 糯米沥干水份,加入碱水和油,搅拌均匀,待用。
4. 粽叶折成斗形,舀入适量糯米中间放红豆再盖上适量的糯米盖上粽叶,包成棕形绑上草绳。
5. 煮滚一大锅水,把裹好的粽子下锅,水要盖过粽子,煮3小时,至糯米熟软即可取出,吊起沥干水份。 
Red Bean Alkaline Dumplings 

1kg glutinous rice
4tbsp alkaline water
4tbsp cooking oil
bamboo leaves
hemp string 
red bean paste  


1. Bamboo leaves, soaked for 3-4 hourswashed and change water in between for two time. 
2. Wash glutinous rice and add watersoaked for 4 hours.
3. Drain the glutinous riceadd in alkaline water and oilmix well and set aside.
4. Take a bamboo leaffold into an inverted coneadd in some glutinous rice then add in read bean pastetop with some glutinous rice to cover the red bean paste then wrap accordingly. 
5. Using a big potcook half pot of water. Once water is boiledplace in all the wrap dumplings and let it cook for at least 3 hours.Remove from water and hang it uplet it air dry and cool down.


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