Wednesday, September 27, 2017

樱花甜菜根燕菜月饼 Sakura Beetroot Jelly Mooncake



内馅材料 :

甜菜根汁  250克甜菜根加清水搅打成汁
椰奶  150克

沙谷米  20克用清水浸泡30分钟,沥干水份
燕菜粉  5克
遮哩粉  1茶匙
细砂糖  50克

做法 : 将所有材料放入锅里以小火煮滚

外皮材料 : 

清水  450克
细砂糖  60克
燕菜粉  5克
遮哩粉  1/2茶匙

盐渍樱花  适量 (将盐冲洗掉,浸泡在清水里,沥干备用。)

做法 :将所有材料放入锅里搅匀,煮滚后加入樱花搅拌,熄火。倒入少许皮料燕菜在月饼模里,待稍凝固放入馅料,再倒入皮料燕菜填满模,待凉冷藏至凝固。

Sakura Beetroot Jelly Mooncake

Filling ingredients :

250g beetroot Juiceblend the beetroot with water to get the juice
150g coconut milk
20g sago(soak in the water for 30 minutes and drained
5g agar-agar powder
1tsp jelly powder
50g castor sugar

Method : Mix all ingredients in a pot and bring to boil till sago becomes clear,turn off flame and pour in small bowl,chill in refrigerator till solidified completely. Remove from bowl. Set aside.

Skin ingredients :

450g water
60g castor sugar
5g agar-agar powder
1/2tsp jelly powder

sakura(Rinse off the salt,soak the pickled sakura with clean water,drain and discard the water.)

Method : Boil all ingredients,add in sakura. Pour a bit jelly into mooncake mould,wait till a bit solidified then put in the filling,pour the jelly mixture into the mould until full. Chill in the fridge before serving.