Saturday, November 28, 2015

椰汁芒果西米糕 Mango Coconut Sago Kuih


芒果西米层材料 :
新鲜芒果泥  800g 
清水  600g
燕菜丝  17g
柠檬汁  1个
西米  2tbsp
椰汁层材料 :
椰奶  500g
砂糖  30g
燕菜丝  15g
做法 :
1. 西米略浸,用水煮至半透明,捞起浸冷开水备用。
2. 燕菜丝用水稍冲洗,加入糖和清水煮滚至燕菜完全溶化。
3. 加入芒果泥和西米拌勻。
4. 将芒果燕菜液倒入模子里,待涼。
5. 把椰奶倒入锅里,加入砂糖及燕菜以中火煮至燕菜丝
Mango Coconut Sago Kuih
Mango layer ingredients :
800g fresh mango puree
600g water 
17g agar-agar strip 
60g caster sugar 
lemon juice from 1 lemon
2tbsp sago
Coconut layer ingredients :
500g coconut milk
30g caster
15g agar-agar strip
Method :
1. Soaked sago,cook with water until sago becomes translucent,rinse the cooked sago with running water, drain and set aside.
2. Rinse the agar-agar strip,add sugar and water cook until agar-agar strip fully dissolved.  
3. Add mango puree and sago and mix well.
4. Pour the mango mixture into the mould, leave it to set slightly.
5. In a pot, place coconut milk,sugar and agar-agar strip medium heat and cook until agar-agar strip fully dissolved.
6. Leave it to cool slightly,pour the coconut mixture on top of mango layer. Let cool and keep chilled. 

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