Sunday, November 29, 2015

芒果虾球 Shrimp with Mango



虾仁  300g (去壳,去肠泥)
洋葱  2颗 (切片)

芒果  1个 (切丁)
红色甜椒  1个 (切小块) 
青色甜椒  1个 (切小块)
指天椒  3条 (去籽)

调味料 : 盐,胡椒粉 

粟粉 1tbsp + 水 2tbsp(勾芡) 

做法 : 

1. 将清洗干净的虾仁,用少许盐和胡椒粉腌制。
2. 热油锅,爆香洋葱。加入红、青甜椒和指天椒翻炒。

3. 放入虾仁和芒果丁拌炒,加入盐,炒勻。
4. 最后倒入芡汁勾芡,略炒几下即可,趁热享用。 

Shrimp with Mango 

Ingredients : 

300g prawns (deveined and shelled)
2 onion   (sliced)
1 mango (diced)
1 red capsicum  (cut into small pieces)
1 green capsicum  (cut into small pieces)
3 bird's eye chilies 

Seasonings : salt,pepper 

For thickening 1tbsp cornstarch + 2tbsp water 

Method :

1. Rinse prawn and mix with seasonings,marinate for a while.
2. Heat cooking oil,saute onion until fragrant. Add in red,green capsicum and chilies,stir fry.
3. Add the prawn,mango and salt mix well. 
4. Lastly,pour in the cornstarch slurry,stir well and cook until the sauce is thicken. Dish up and serve.

 This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (November 2015 Event: Mango)

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